Top 10 Principles to Look for When Choosing a Senior Living Community

Making the decision to move a loved one into a senior living community isn’t one that’s made lightly, and choosing the right community should be done with careful consideration. At American House, we are proud to be a desired assisted living community that provides personal care services in a comfortable residential atmosphere.

General amenities of an assisted living community, such as American House, generally include: Three meals a day in a common dining room; housekeeping services; transportation; security; exercise and wellness programs; laundry services; and social and recreational activities. At American House, we are happy to also provide additional amenities, services and care to make our residents as happy and comfortable as possible.

The Assisted Living Federation of American (ALFA) encourages loved ones choosing a senior living community to look for a general philosophy of care based on 10 principles, making residents a top priority:

  • Offering cost-effective quality care personalized for the resident’s needs
  • Fostering independence for each resident
  • Treating each resident with dignity and respect
  • Promoting the individuality of each resident
  • Allowing each resident choice of care and lifestyle
  • Protecting each resident’s right to privacy
  • Nurturing the spirit of each resident
  • Involving family and friends in care planning and implementation
  • Providing a safe, residential environment
  • Making the assisted living community a valuable asset to the surrounding community

At American House, our residents are our first priority. From interaction with our staff to the various amenities and activities we offer, we try our hardest to ensure our residents are happy and engaged with our community.

Check out our blog for updated stories about what our residents are up to — like American House Idol or the Are You Smarter Than a Fifth-Grader spelling bee we had at a local school.

To schedule a tour and learn more about what we offer in our senior living communities at American House, please visit our website at or call (248) 579-4422.

6 thoughts on “Top 10 Principles to Look for When Choosing a Senior Living Community

  1. I personally go to the several American House locations as well as other senior living communities for my Job. Another thing i think is important to look at is the Staff. My mother was in the American House, she was treated so well and it was the caring staff that made her feel at home and took excellent care of her. So consider that as well. Bless all of you.

  2. I just wanted to comment that my Grandmother moved into the American House a little over a year ago. At first she was very scared because she had lived on her own until she was 78 and my grandfather passed away. After the first week, my Grandmother came around and absolutely loves being a part of the community. I have actually come to visit and she has shewed me off so she could participate in the activities that they organize to keep them busy. I love coming to visit her here and am so thankful to all the employees that work so hard to provide a positive and caring environment not just for my Grandmother, but every resident at the American House.

    • Hi Kate! Thanks for letting us know about your grandmother, we are so pleased to have her as an American House resident. We know moving into a new place can be a big transition but it sounds like she is really enjoying herself! Too funny that it has even led her to “shew you off” to get back to her full schedule of activities with her new friends 🙂 Thanks again for sharing your story and for visiting our blog!

  3. I would like to add that we should also use our heart’s decisions rather than just following every principle stated above. In life, we must not forget the emotions of our charges; it’s not always about hard, cold, efficient processes.

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