Residents And Their Families Get Connected Online Through Social Media

Last month American House launched ConnectedLiving, an interactive, cloud-based social networking platform aimed just for seniors. The platform will help our residents connect to their friends and families through social networking, email, photo and video sharing, games and even Skype!

The simple and secure web-based application uses a combination of color, images and words to simply display all the site has to offer. Its exchange features no technical jargon making it intuitive to use – residents can easily communicate with one another, get entertainment or access community information.

American House Connected Living

American House recently launched ConnectedLiving, an interactive, cloud-based social networking platform just for seniors.

Last month, American House celebrated the launch of ConnectedLiving in five of our Metro Detroit communities: Sterling Woods, MilfordDearborn Heights, Village and Baldwin House.

“Launching ConnectedLiving into our communities will bring a new way for our residents and their families to connect and safely explore the web,” said Rob Gillette, chief operating officer. “We hope this will make it easier for our communities to stay in touch with one another and their families.”

Each community celebrated the new addition of the platform with its own launch party. The events consisted of a full introduction to the network by the ConnectedLiving operations team and a ceremonious ribbon cutting of the front lobby’s interactive digital display screen. A few reporters had a chance to stop by and see everything in action as well. You can read more at the Milford Times or the Advisor & Source.

The latest stats show that as many as 43 percent of all seniors are now using social media to share photos and connect with their families. In fact, seniors are quickly becoming the fastest growing adopters to social networking and new technology!

To complement the launch of ConnectedLiving, American House will hold training programs for residents and families on the social networking platform, as well as some tips for browsing the web. Residents will learn how to view daily events and menus, read the latest news around the world, listen to music or watch their favorite movies, and even play games.

Best of all, you can access ConnectedLiving from any computer, tablet or smart phone, connecting you wherever you go. Learn more about ConnectedLiving or get connected with us by visiting any one of our five communities.