American House Resident Review

Our residents at American House Senior Living really do love living here — and here’s some of the proof:

For American House resident Marie, living here provides her with even more fun and socialization than living in her beautiful lake house did! Being here makes her life “comfortable and exciting” — a pretty great testament to all the effort we put into making sure our residents are happy and taken care of, don’t you think?

“I love it here.

I was giving up my lake house and surprisingly I have more freedom here than I ever did there.

I can enjoy what I want to do at my own pace whether it’s organizing my new apartment or joining forty or fifty new friends for dinner or a continental breakfast.
My meds appear in my apartment within a day of ordering. No one has to drive to pick them up. My doctor sits on my couch, instead of my going out to his office, and talks to me about my health needs. My physical therapist is down the hall from my apartment. No one has to pick me up and drive me there. They build their schedule for physical therapy around my schedule.

If I want books to read there is a well stocked library, a gym for chair exercising with friends and a billiards room with a fireplace that looks very cozy. There is a chapel for worship and a beauty shop for fixing up. There are any number of little cubbies to meet friends for coffee along with a craft and game room and a pottery room.

Everybody here looks like me. We’re all seasoned citizens as Rush Limbaugh would say and that is a lot of life experiences to share.

If I want to be alone I can sit in my recliner and watch TV or talk on the phone. I can sew, read or do nothing at all. Today was a do nothing day. I took two naps and didn’t feel guilty at all. Tomorrow I can finish putting away my summer clothes as it’s been snowing lately so I probably won’t be needing them for the next few months.

There is a chart of activities for everyday of the month. One of my first “trips” was to a color cruise on the Grand River in Lansing. It was everything and more than I expected. We were entertained by a strolling band that played requests. No hip hop or heavy metal. They fed us a dinner to rival thanksgiving and we cruised slowly down the Grand to the most beautiful sights. It was worth the money and gave me a taste for the well thought out activities available inside and out of my new home at American House.

Since I’ve been here a short time I’ve made a few close friends – some thoughtful and helpful staff from dietary to housekeeping to office.

Everything is done to make my life comfortable and exciting. I love it here.

I plan on writing some children’s stories and a few short stories this winter. I won’t be worrying about snow shoveling or cleaning or cooking. My children and grandchildren don’t seem to mind the smallness of my apartment they just like to get together no matter where I live and they think that I live in a really nice hotel. I haven’t told them that I don’t. To me I live in a new wonderful place much nicer than a nice hotel in every aspect.” – Marie