iBalance Machines Reduce Risk of Fall for Residents

At American House, we know improving overall health and wellness is important for our residents. That’s why we are very excited to announce the implementation of several iBalance machines for our residents to use during physical therapy!

MfMDEZHkPuccYyVYGkvn3NBCN170ccLghht02euzxagThe iBalance machines are special training tools that will be used to assess a resident’s risk of falling so physical therapists can then work with the resident in clinics to reduce that falling risk.

“We hope this initiative will make our residents healthier, keep them out of hospitals and reduce their risk of falls,” said Kevin Kieninger, the PR and Communications Coordinator for American House. “Coupled with physical exercise from HC Rehab Solutions and In-Home Rehab, the (iBalance) machines are part of the latest technology that measures where your fall risk is at.”

Beginning March 1, 2013, the iBalance machines will be available in three American House, communities: Sterling I; Dearborn Heights and Farmington Hills. Two of the rehabilitation companies working with American House residents will do therapy on the iBalance machines with patients, in addition to conducting patient clinics about the machine.

In addition, the rehabilitation companies, HC Rehab Solutions and In-Home Rehab, have implemented an initiative to have a custom-designed educational and interactive program surrounding the use of the new iBalance machines.

The following four topics are scheduled to be covered during the next several months at clinics:

  • A basic balance clinic, with a general balance assessment
  • Hydration, dehydration and the risk of falling
  • Senior fitness and staying active
  • Fall prevention

According to Kevin, the use of the new iBalance machines is part of American House’s health and wellness theme. “We’re hoping these tools will help the rehab companies implement physical exercise with the residents, and we hold up our end of the bargain by providing healthy food options,” he said.

During their physical therapy, residents can stand on the iBalance machine (which looks like a glorified scale, Kevin said) and go through a few movements to determine their ability to balance — and risk of fall. Under the guidance of a physical therapist, residents will lean in one direction and then have to reach over in another direction, all while the machine is calculating those movements. A risk factor number is created, and then the physical therapist can determine the best path to take to reduce that risk. The testing is then followed up by the physical therapist who will work to see measurable change.

To find out more about our health and wellness programs at American House’s, call us today at (248) 579-4422 or visit www.americanhouse.com.