15 Easy and Inexpensive Redecorating Tips

15 Easy and Inexpensive Redecorating Tips - American House Blog

If you’re looking to revamp your home without doing any major remodeling or breaking the bank, we can help! At American House, we know your home is where the heart is — so make it your haven with these 15 Easy and Inexpensive Redecorating Tips:


1. Paint. There is nothing that will transform ANY room in your home quite as much as a new coat of paint. Even if you’re not up for a big color switch, freshen it up a bit by painting the room a lighter or darker version of what you already have. And for added punch, paint an accent wall a different color (or just a tad lighter or darker than the others in the same color).

2. Adorn the walls. You can either grab a bunch of old — and new — photos and put them in frames, artistically lined up in a large photo gallery, or make your own artwork with a blank canvas. Even if you’re not artistic, you can place lines of painter’s tape on the canvas, paint over it in a fun color, and take the tape off for a modern piece of art! (Bonus: Something that gets better with age is your collection of memories, so show them off!)

3. Add mirrors. Mirrors are an easy way to cover the walls while giving the illusion that the room is larger.


4. Change the hardware. A super quick and easy way to update your kitchen and add a punch of style is to replace your existing drawer pulls and cabinet handles with something new. Or, if you currently don’t have any, now is the perfect time to install them!

5. Replace your counter “things.” Your spice rack, blender and toaster may have seen better days. Why not go out and get yourself some new ones to add pizzazz to the room where you probably spend quite a bit of time?


6. Get all new fabrics. Translation: Buy new curtains, pillows, rugs and throw blankets — whatever fits your current living room style. You can change the color of all the fabrics and it will look like you changed everything!

7. Rearrange furniture. Think outside the box and move the couch over to a place where you never would have imagined it. Maybe it’s not even against a wall! Put the loveseat on an angle in the corner. Get rid of the coffee table. Move the TV to a different wall. (Be sure to get someone to help you!)

8. Tend to the lighting. Swap the lamps you have for new ones, or add even more lamps. It’s amazing the difference a brightly lit room can make on how everything looks and feels when you’re in it.


9. New sheets and bedspread. You can alter the way your room looks just by sprucing up your bed! Don’t deny yourself that “oooh” feeling when you curl up in bed for the night. Color is a great mood enhancer.

10. New curtains. If you have patterned curtains, try some solid ones — and vice versa. Or perhaps you can try some sheer ones if your room allows for that. Don’t forget to include some nice new curtain rods and tie-back holders while you’re at it!

11. Move the bed. Haul it over to the opposite side of the room, or push it next to the wall. Just that one simple move can make all the difference.


12. Change out the light fixture and hardware. If you’ve had brass accented lighting or faucets, it may be time to update them with nickel accents or even copper. Putting in all new fixtures is a quick and easy way to spruce up the bathroom without doing a major overhaul.

13. Update the furnishings. If you have an over-the-toilet shelving unit, or a stand-alone storage case, replace it with something more modern. Or, if you don’t have anything in place yet, stop in a store or two and find something that can fit in your bathroom. Not only will it look great, but it will help keep everything tidy and in its place.

14. Take down the medicine cabinet. Swap it out for a large, decorative mirror instead and put your goods into another storage device.

15. Splurge on new towels. But don’t just go out and buy towels in the same color — change the entire look of your bathroom by picking a bright new shade that still coordinates with your flooring! This will make a big impact, especially if you paint the walls a bold hue.


One of the most comforting things about living at American House is the chance to make your home into a true reflection of you. Call us today at (248) 579-4422 or visit www.americanhouse.com for a tour so you can start picturing for yourself how you’ll decorate your new home — and use our 15 Easy and Inexpensive Redecorating Tips!