Sixth Annual Holiday Hope for Seniors

Holiday Hope for Seniors - American HouseSmall Donations. Big Impact.

Many families are starting to prepare for the holiday season: purchasing ingredients for holiday meals, cleaning homes, buying presents off of wish lists and getting ready to receive visits from family and friends.

Not often do you hear it on the news or see it firsthand, but many senior citizens in the metro Detroit area won’t be receiving gifts. They won’t be celebrating with family. Some don’t even have suitable accommodations that allow family or friends to visit.

But with the help of American House Senior Living Communities and the American House Foundation, we are working to change that one senior at a time.

At several American House communities, a tree lighting ceremony will kick-off the season of giving. On Thursday, December 4, from 5-7 p.m. please join us as our residents and their loved ones purchase magical bulbs that will make a difference in senior’s lives. Approximately $20,000 will be raised from the tree lighting ceremony to benefit individual senior needs. When seniors help seniors, there’s a bit of magic to be found.

In addition, the American House Foundation will be helping over 850 senior citizens in need this holiday season by hand-delivering bags containing personal and household items. This is an incredibly humbling experience for those on the ‘Route of Gifts.’ So please, come on this journey with American House and be the difference in a senior’s life!

For more information on how you can help, please visit the American House Foundation website.

~Chief Operating Officer, Rob Gillette

2 thoughts on “Sixth Annual Holiday Hope for Seniors

  1. My rent just went up $100 a month, after one year. This leaves me with hardly anything from my SS to pay my utilities, buy prescriptions, and household supplies. I would love to donate, but how can I donate anywhere?

    • Thank you for commenting on the Holiday Hope for Seniors blog post. To donate to the American House Foundation, visit and click on the ‘Donate’ tab. None of the dollars raised goes toward supporting current American House residents. Rather, 70 percent of the funds go toward supporting local seniors today and 30 percent funds senior-based research for tomorrow.

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