Resident Activities Impact Several Generations

The person who said senior citizens sit around all day playing cards and knitting obviously never knew anyone who lived at American House. Just ask Angie Kadowski, the activity director for American House Village Senior Living in Rochester Hills: Her residents do more — so much more!

“We’re out there in the community, not just sitting around,” Angie said. “They’re also shattering every myth about senior living.”

So, what kinds of things are these seniors doing? They are mingling with other generations, getting involved in the community and sharing their knowledge and experiences.

Living history

How would you like to learn about history from someone who lived through it? That’s what more than 100 sixth grader students at Holy Family Regional School in Rochester got to do in April when they had the chance to listen to Mr. Murphy talk about his experiences in World War II.

Angie knew she had a gem in Mr. Murphy, a resident who was a radio man and a gunner in the war. So she contacted the school to share her “treasure trove of information.” Mr. Murphy visited the students and told them what it was like to be on a B-17 during WWII, taking part in 34 missions — including the Battle of the Bulge.

“The kids were so impressed,” Angie said. “I don’t think anyone anticipated the magic that took place there. The kids were so enamored and hung onto his every word. We couldn’t get him out of there!”

Mr. Murphy, who will be 90 years old May 21, left such an impact on the students that he received more than 100 birthday cards from them!

Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

With the use of spell-check becoming second nature to kids these days, it may seem as though spelling has become a lost art. But, thanks to some very special senior citizens, a class of fifth grader students learned how fun and educational an old-fashioned spelling bee can be.

On April 18, a bunch of residents at American House Village Senior Living in Rochester Hills took a trip to Auburn Elementary School in Auburn Hills to team up with some children for a spelling bee. Each resident was partnered with a student and the contest began.
“I think the kids figured out pretty quickly that the residents were the ‘go-to’ people so they didn’t get knocked out,” Angie joked.

The principal of the school, along with the director of Village of Rochester, were judges as the senior citizens and students tackled spelling some words together.

“It was really fun to see the kids and the residents interacting with each other,” Angie said.
Unfortunately — or perhaps fittingly — there was not a winner because they ran out of time before the teams were narrowed down enough! But, Angie said both she and the principal are looking forward to teaming up for another spelling bee next year.

Live at American House

In addition, other community activities include visits from Girl Scouts and first grade students planting flowers! This kind of intergenerational connection contributes to a strong sense of self-worth, Angie says.

Each American House location has a wide variety of activities to engage residents with the community. Give us a call today — we’d love to tell you more and set up a tour.

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