American House Begins Family Care Coordinator Program To Ease Burden For Residents And Their Loved Ones

At American House, we understand that managing health care for you and your loved ones can be tricky and time-consuming. And there may be concerns about what to do if a hospital visit or rehabilitation is necessary. That’s why we’ve partnered with Area Agency on Aging 1-B to initiate a pilot program at our American House Oakland Senior Living community to make things a bit easier.

Our on-site Family Care Coordinator Nicole Terry is your go-to person for coordinating medical care — in AND out of American House. She’s here to assist residents who come into the American House community and residents who need to go out to the hospital.

Nicole Terry

Family Care Coordinator Nicole Terry of
American House Oakland Senior Living

“The ultimate goal of the coordination is to make sure (residents) can stay here at American House and that they return,” Nicole said. Since generally family members are the ones responsible for coordinating care and making endless phone calls, Nicole said this program lifts the burden from family members so they can spend more time with loved ones.

“Plus, a lot of families aren’t knowledgeable on what services are available through Area Agency on Aging,” Nicole said. Many also don’t know about onsite rehabilitation available in the American House building and some don’t understand that skilled care is provided through a resident’s medical team. In addition, there’s also a wellness program for residents. So, the Family Care Coordinator can take care of finding – and passing along — all that information for you!

“I do think the residents are really benefitting from it,” Nicole said. “They are very happy. In some situations, they really thought there were no other options but to move out and we’ve been able to put a plan in place so they can stay here and maintain the best quality of life.”

Laura Broecker, the regional and executive director for American House Oakland Senior Living, understands that it can be very difficult to navigate through the health care system. She’s pleased that the program is making things easier on residents and their loved ones.

Having a Family Care Coordinator is helpful with controlling readmissions — or admissions — to the hospital and is in line with our goal of keeping residents healthier and well in our community.

“It can really help them with getting on that path to get the services they need,” Laura said. “It’s so overwhelming, so it’s nice to have that one person to do it.”


All residents at American House Oakland Senior Living are eligible for this free program. There is information available in the lobby, along with brochures, and Laura and Nicole are always available for any questions. To find out more about life at American House, call us at (248) 579-4422 or visit us at to schedule a tour.

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