4 Ways to Bring More Gratitude into Your Life

thank-you-gratitudeWe spend a lot of time being thankful at American House . We know everyone else does, too: A fun family tradition on Thanksgiving can be to go around the table and have each person talk about something for which he or she is grateful. But while it’s natural to focus more on the things you’re thankful for during November because of Thanksgiving, we’ve found 4 Ways to Bring More Gratitude into Your Life, ALL YEAR LONG:

1. Brush your teeth with a positive thought.

You have a daily schedule when you wake up: Turn off the alarm clock, put your slippers on and head into the bathroom for your morning routine. An easy way to start your day on a positive note is to incorporate a little gratitude while you’re getting ready. Make it a point to think about what you are thankful for while you are brushing your teeth! That gives you two minutes to focus on the good things in your life and head into the daily grind in a great mood. Don’t forget to review the best parts of your day when you brush those pearly whites at bedtime, too!

2. Pay it forward.

pay-it-forwardIt’s amazing how much helping someone else out can make you appreciate everything in your own life. Don’t just do it on “Pay it Forward Day” (April 24, 2014, in case you were wondering). Bringing a smile to someone else’s day — by paying for the coffee of the person behind you in line, donating your time to help friend or saying a kind word to the disgruntled cashier at the store — is something that can be done on a daily basis. You could even donate services or products, like so many generous folks in this An American House Wedding love story! When you make a conscious effort to go out of your way for someone else, it allows you to be thankful for the little things.

3. Find the silver lining.

Sometimes it’s really hard to see the positive in a crummy situation. And you may not be able to think about it right away, but once you decide to look at things in a different light you’ll find that your entire outlook will change. This isn’t about making lemonade when life hands you lemons (although that’s certainly a fantastic adage!), but it’s more about noticing that there is something light behind that dark cloud hanging above you during those trials and tribulations. Got a flat tire? In the rain? When you call the auto club for assistance, it’s a great time to find a way to Pay it Forward by showing your sincere appreciation to the employee and his or her help coming to your rescue — or maybe it’s the perfect time to have an excuse to catch up with your mechanic nephew.

4. Think of the glass as half full.

glass-half-fullIt’s time to stop complaining! When you are quick to jump to pointing out the negative aspects of your circumstances, you end up bringing more negativity upon yourself — because that’s all you see. Instead, promise yourself to curb the complaining and bring in the positive affirmations. It can take a while to catch yourself spewing out the pessimistic remarks, but we promise you’ll see an impact. Here’s proof: One Easy Way to Lead a Longer, Healthier Life. And nobody wants to spend their time with a Negative Nancy, anyway, so don’t be surprised if your social circle expands and you’re receiving more dinner invitations when you become known as the neighborhood optimist!

Giving thanks to American House

Want to see all the things we’re thankful for — like our wonderful residents and thoughtful staff? Call us today at (248) 579-4422 or visit www.americanhouse.com to schedule a visit so you can see for yourself (Psst: There’s apple pie involved, too).

3 thoughts on “4 Ways to Bring More Gratitude into Your Life

  1. I am a new resident, living at American House Southland less than one month. Although I am still adjusting to not living in my own home, my apartment is very nice and with my own furniture, I feel comfortable and cozy. Most everyone on staff that I I have met have been very nice and helpful … from the Managers, to the extremely helpful and friendly maintenance man, Gary .. he is wonderful, to the Housekeeping staff, who are so friendly and do a real nice job. Where I feel slighted and talked down to so much of the time by a few of the culinary workers, is in the Dining Experience. I realize us residents have various reasons of why we have moved into American House, and us residents have various degrees of illnesses, but these traits does not give anyone the right to talk down or scold as a child would be scolded or told how wrong we were or just plain talk to us as we need a scolding or made public that we were wrong. This happens daily in the Dining Room by some of the Kitchen Staff. I as a resident will not accept being talked to in such a condesending way. So many others can not speak up for themselves, but I can, and I will not live here and be treated like this. This is a problem. Thank you for allowing me to vent my frustration.

    • Hi Linda,

      It sounds as though you’re acclimating to life at American House Southland very nicely. We’re happy that you feel comfortable and cozy, and it also sounds like most of the staff have helped you make the adjustment.

      However, I am concerned with your experiences with the dining room staff. We intend to do a thorough review of the processes with the culinary staff. One of the reasons American House was founded was so that our older adult population to continue to grow and thrive with dignity and respect. No one should ever feel talked down to or disrespected, especially in their own home. I’m sorry that you’ve felt frustrated. In the future, please direct any concerns directly to Cassandra or the managers on staff, and they will see that any problems are remedied.

      I hope you continue to have great experiences at American House – we’re happy you’ve chosen to share your life with us!

      • Thank You for reading and replying to my email on your blog. I wish I would have waited a day before sending this email, but I was upset and became emotional ( I am still adjusting to living in an apartment at American House, missing my home of 30 years and my dog who was like my child) and just vented by writing on line, Cassandra was busy in a meeting, and I needed to vent a little. Normally I may have been angered by the incident, but would not become emotional as well. I really had no reason to cry over something like this incident. I since have tossed the incident to the way side, gotten an apology from the Kitchen Staff person who talked to me in the manner, which I accepted, and in turn gave her a hug. I also talked to Cassandra early this evening and gave my explanation of the situation and added that I would like to put this incident to rest, or to bed .. well, let’s just dump it in a big pot of Turkey Chili …. Yum and LOL. If an occasion ever arises in the future, I will wait to talk to Cassandra. I wish no ill will to anyone and wish to live here at American House in my sweet little apartment, eat my meals in the dining room, and enjoy going to bingo and ceramics, in peace and harmony with all that is possible. Thank You.

        Linda Freitag

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