3 Common Excuses (And Solutions) For Not Exercising In Honor Of National Senior Health And Fitness Day

Just because you’re growing older doesn’t mean it’s time to “take it easy” when it comes to your physical fitness! The last Wednesday in May (which is May 28, 2014) is National Senior Health and Fitness Day — so use this as motivation to make sure you’re on a plan to move around and exercise so you stay healthy and fit.National Senior Health and Fitness Day

If you have arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes or any other medical condition, you may think you can’t exercise and that you’ll make things worse. Generally, this isn’t true. Exercising is good for EVERYONEespecially seniors. The key is finding appropriate exercises for your health and ability. We’re here to remind you on National Senior Health and Fitness Day that you CAN exercise and that you’ll feel better after doing so!

As always, consult your physician before starting any exercise program.


1. I have arthritis (or diabetes, etc.); I can’t move around to exercise.

While inflammation in the joints from the different types of arthritis can be painful, especially during flare-ups, one of the best things you can do to help ease that pain is to exercise! Other conditions may make it harder (at first) to find a fitness routine to follow, but there are definitely plenty out there to choose from. Talk to your doctor about some low-impact exercises you can do, such as Tai Chi.

2. I don’t want to/can’t spend money on a gym membership.

You don’t have to! One of our 10 Longevity Tips is to incorporate a regular fitness routine into your daily schedule. You don’t need to leave the house to do this: You can watch YouTube videos, rent an exercise DVD from the library (or buy one), or copy pages from a magazine to give you a routine to use.

3. I don’t like fitness videos.

That’s OK. They’re not everyone’s cup of tea. But there are still plenty of ways to get and stay fit. Is there a community pool nearby? Start swimming (which is great for aging joints!). Take some time to smell the roses by going on a walk every morning. Find an exercise you can do (perhaps like these 3 Simple Fall Prevention Exercises?) and commit to making it part of your day.


At American House, we encourage our residents to stay healthy and fit all year long. Besides the regular and varied activities we do, we also have implemented iBalance machines to help residents stay strong and reduce the risk of falls. To find out what else we offer in terms of fitness for our residents, call us today at (248) 579-4422 or visit www.americanhouse.com to schedule a tour.

Celebrating National Poetry Month With Our American House Residents

April was National Poetry Month! We have a number of very talented residents who took time during the month of April to put their talents to work in creating poetry. Below are a few of our favorite selections from residents all over the Metro Detroit area. Check them out and let us know what you think!

American House Logo


By Bob Preiur of American House East Two

The American House is our new home,

While living here we’re never alone,

We have friends and staff beyond compare,

It makes our lives worth living there,

I really feel we’re part of the family,

That gets along just great and quite handily,

If ever you need help in what you do,

There’s always a friend to help you through.

Take for instance the dining room staff,

That serves our meals like a friendly task.

They never hesitate to fulfill our needs,

With a loving touch to always please.

I Thank God daily for being here,

And trust my friends will always be near,

To make my day always pleasant and warm,

With that daily thought I can handle a storm.

Keep up the good work and loving touch,

That all your tenant’s love so much,

You’re a breath of fresh air and sunshine too,

We always appreciate the things you do.


By Alfred P. Murphy of American House Village American House Poetry

The saying is “A house is not a home”

My American House is, just read this poem.

Living with people, a kin,

to sisters and brothers,

cared for as would be fathers and mothers.

They say that these are “The Golden Years”

I agree, with a minimum of tears and fears.


by Dolores Stanislawski of American House Dearborn Heights

Am I old fashioned because I like to see,

The old, old movies on the TV.

I like to listen to a simple song,

For the mellow music, I do long.

I like to say please and thank you,

To others who need that kindness too.

Am I old fashioned because I don’t wear my clothes so tight,

Because I try to get along and don’t fight.

I’ll let others go first in line,

I’ll tell them I don’t mind.

I let a gentleman open the door,

I even give money to the poor.

Am I old fashioned because I like my home,

Night or day I don’t like to roam.

I clean my own home, I don’t hire anyone,

What gets done-gets done.

Am I old fashioned because my hair isn’t frizzy,

I have leisure time and not too busy.

I don’t spend more money than I can make,

I refuse to pay interest so they can take.

My car isn’t new and I don’t mind,

I never needed the other kind.

Am I old fashioned because my bible I read,

Because I do unto others and plant the seed.

I always try to look clean and neat,

I never know who I will meet.

I still believe in heaven, I still believe in hell,

I want to know the bible and know it well.

You can call me old fashioned, I don’t care,

But don’t call me old, Don’t you dare.


E. Gentry of American House Hazel Park

On the map this is spring,

But outside it’s winter.

No robins to be seen or rabbits running about.

No trees have blossom out.

The sky is blue the sun is out.

I know it is spring.


By Nell Beare of American House Hazel Park

If I could live my life again,

What would I do over?

What changes would I like to make?

What secrets would uncover?

If I could live my life again,

I’d surely ask more questions

About my family lineage.

I’d follow the suggestions

Of people wiser than I am

Who tried to give direction.

I’d even try to benefit

From well-deserved correction.

But one thing I would not undo –

No, more than one, I tell you –

I’d marry the same loving man

And bear our lively offspring.

I’d not give up the work I love

Of teaching little children

About the saving grace of God

And how to get to heaven.

I’d try to be a better friend,

A better wife and mother.

But this is true – the years I’ve lived

Cannot be changed for other.


By Frances Wigton of American House Riverview

The gal in the Scooter with the pretty red hair

Is always on call as she flits here and there.

Bob, her trusty side-kick, is at her beck-and-call;

The two of them together seem to have a ball.

They make “assisted living” seem like so much fun

With their testimonial video on “americanhouse.com”.

Model boats and string art keeps them occupied,

And now they are teaching others in their classes on the side.

They finished and furnished a doll house to the amazement of us all

From the carpet on the floor to the picture of Bob on the wall.

They oversee Bingo and play cards at night.

Their Scooters on Fort Street are a very familiar sight.

At American House Assisted Living, they’re someone we all know.

The red-haired gal in the Scooter and her 96 year old side-kick Romeo.


By Frances Wigton of American House Riverview

No more loneliness, no more fear

You’re in assisted living; be glad you’re here.

No more lawn to mow, no more dirty dishes,

And, there is always someone to grant your wishes.

When you reach our age, there is not much choice

So, don’t complain, and save your voice,

Just sit back and enjoy the ride

Over the hill to the other side.

Don’t look back and bemoan your fate;

You can’t live your life over no matter how great.

What matters now is what lies ahead

So make the most of it; at least you’re not dead.

Put on a smile, and look around you;

The people you meet are sure to astound you.

It can only get better whatever you do;

Keep looking up; it is up to you.


At American House, we’re committed to enriching the lives of our residents with activities like creative writing and poetry reading. Call us today at (248) 579-4422 or visit www.americanhouse.com to schedule a tour and find out about the exciting opportunities we can offer to your loved ones.

7 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Any Age

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Any Age - American House Blog

As time goes by, you may feel like you’re running out of ideas for what to get mom for Mother’s Day. And if she is living in a senior living community, you may be at a loss on what to give your senior loved one that she’ll really appreciate. No worries; we’ve got 7 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Any Age that she’s sure to love:


The very best gift you can give your mom, mother-in-law, grandma, aunt, sister, daughter, friend and any mom in your life — no matter her age — is the gift of time. Particularly as our moms age, hanging out together is important and can actually help prevent health complications from loneliness in seniors.

  • Movies. Whether your buy a DVD, rent a movie, queue one up on your TV or go to the cinema, watching a movie together is some quality relaxing time to spend with each other. Try to find one of mom’s favorite old classics and watch it with her — then spend time after talking about the movie (and life in general).
  • Girl makeover time. Take mom to the salon for a new hairdo and a mani/pedi. Or, if that’s not in the cards, bring the salon to mom! Well, maybe not for a haircut, but find a nail polish color she’d like and paint her nails and toes. Get her some new makeup and doll her up.
  • Dinner in. Buy all the right healthy ingredients for a spectacular meal that she’ll love and cook it for her. Don’t let her lift a finger! Then, over dinner, really talk to her. Need ideas? Check out some conversation starter tips for your senior loved ones.
  • A night (or day) on the town. That may have some different meaning for the mom in your life now, but you can still go out. Whether lunch and shopping, dinner at herfavorite restaurant or strolling in the park, having a carefree day together is sure to create some wonderful memories.


If your mom or grandma has an empty nest or is retired, she’ll likely love a gift of something she can dothat brings her joy.

American House Mother's Day Tea

One of our residents and her daughters enjoy the American House Mother’s Day Tea

  • Puzzles. Is she a fan of tropical islands, or does she prefer architectural wonders? There are some really beautiful puzzles out there that would look beautiful matted and hung on her wall once she works to put it all together.
  • Gardening. Even if she doesn’t have a lot of outdoor space or she can’t spend all afternoon on her knees tending to a garden, mom can still grow life! Buy her an herb garden or some flowerpots and seeds for her favorite flowers (or foods!).
  • Books. Find out what genre she likes to read or who her favorite authors are and get her a new book or two. Or, if you think she’d be receptive, buy her an e-reader like a Kindle. The lighting makes it easier to read anywhere, there’s no awkwardly holding the pages, and you can make the font bigger if needed.


Your mom, grandma, mother-in-law, aunt, sister or special woman in your life doesn’t need a gift you spent a fortune on; she just needs to know that you care. These 7 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Any Age are thoughtful and easy to give no matter her style. Have you ever gotten a really special Mother’s Day gift? Tell us about it in the comments.


At American House, www.americanhouse.com we know how much the moms in your life mean to you. They mean a lot to us, too! That’s why we think of them like family. Read some resident testimonials http://blog.americanhouse.com/category/testimonials/ and call us today at (248) 579-4422 to schedule a tour and see how much your loved one will enjoy living in one of our communities!